A Five-year-old Leukemia Patient Played For The Utah Jazz Monday Night [VIDEO]

Seth Richardson Contributor
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Sometimes life needs to be put into perspective. Five-year-old JP Gibson did just that last night at the Utah Jazz game.

JP was diagnosed with acute lymphositic leukemia. It’s a rough disease for anyone, let alone a toddler. But sometimes it takes something really terrible to show just how good a sometimes terrible world can be.

He wanted nothing more than to play for the Utah Jazz. The Jazz wasted no time and signed him to a one-day contract.

“JP loves most sports, but basketball is definitely his favorite,” his mother Megan Gibson said in a statement. “When he was just over a year old, he would sit with my husband, Josh, watching games. He started insisting on shooting hoops for an hour each night before bedtime when he was just 15 months old. He knows he has to be six before he can play Junior Jazz, and he reminds us all the time that he can’t wait until he’s six.”

While he might not be able to play for the Junior Jazz, he sure as hell got to play in the big leagues last night. And dude is a baller.

Here’s hoping you get better JP. With an attitude like that, I’m sure kicking leukemia’s ass is the least of your concerns.


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