Debbie Wasserman Schultz Really Doesn’t Want To Talk About Her Management Of DNC (Or Lack Thereof) [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Would Debbie Wasserman Schultz rather talk about a possible tough fall for Democrats than her reportedly awful management of the DNC?

Hell yes.

The DNC Chairwoman repeatedly dodged questioning from NBC’s Peter Alexander Tuesday morning during an appearance on “The Daily Rundown.”

“In recent weeks, dating back to a Politico article in the middle of September, there have been some criticism of your management of the DNC, suggestions that you were soliciting funds on your own behalf, on a personal behalf. Would you concede that there have been some flaws, that you’ve made some mistakes? Are there any regrets, specifically, that if you had to do it over again that you would do differently?” asked Alexander.

“What I’m focused on is making sure that over the next 28 days, that our candidates have the resources that they need,” said the Florida congresswoman. “That we are focused on making sure that we continue to build our digital and technological advantage, use it to grow our grassroots network…”

“But these criticisms come from within your own party though,” noted Alexander. “Are you the best advocate to do that?”

“The only focus that we should have right now is the next 28 days, bringing our candidates across the finish line to victory…” Wasserman Schultz repeated.

“So to put that to bed, you deny all those allegations?” Alexander asked.

“My focus is on the next 28 days,” Wasserman Schultz told the host, once again.

“Say you deny them and then it’s done, we’ll be done asking about this,” Alexander said.

“I was elected to a four-year term thanks to the support of Barack Obama, which I still very much appreciate,” Wasserman Schultz said. “And look forward to turning to the 2016 election and making sure we can do everything we can to elect a Democratic president as the 45th president of the United States.”