Green-Fanged Cannibal [VIDEO]

Ben Smith Contributor
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An eight-legged terror is creeping its way across Wales is search of other spiders and a porch to hide on. The inch long, green-fanged tube spider is coming to a house near you.

The creepy crawly fiends have been making themselves at home across Wales, in backyards, on playgrounds and on front door handles. Mike Rance of Cwmbran, Wales, told the Daily Mail. “One of the neighbours came out and asked if we were looking at the spiders and showed us a cluster of about 30 or 40 in his back garden then showed us one of a similar size in the front yard. He then pointed out houses all over the street that said they had them – they’re all over the place.”

As the spiders continue to spread, they become more vicious, preying on anything that moves, whether it be your hand, or another smaller spider. The green-fanged terror is extremely aggressive, and surrounding smaller spiders are its meal of choice.

Rance captured the tarantula-like behemoth in a moment of cannibalistic zeal as it swooped down and fanged another spider, dragging it back to its lair to liquefy and devour it.