How To Take Incredible Aerial Photos Of Fighter Jets While Pulling 9 Gs [VIDEO]

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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If you’ve ever wondered how incredible images of the most advanced aircraft in the world make it back to Earth, Lockheed Martin has the answer in a new video about the lone female photographer responsible for capturing aviation’s most incredible machines in action, while riding in one herself.

Liz Kaszynski is the Lockheed photographer behind some of the most iconic images you’ve ever seen of the F-16, F-22 and F-35, and her full-time job is to photo-document the most advanced aerial fleet in the world by flying right alongside them.

That means going through all of the physical training required by the pilots actually flying the aircraft — a necessity for snapping dramatic shots of aircraft rolls and dives while pulling Gs with what can at times be a 25-pound camera, according to Business Insider.

“You’re trying to hold it up, take the picture, G-strain, and keep your horizons straight,” Kaszynski said.

“You want them maneuvering,” the photographer said in a Washington Post report. “You want them going vertical, popping their flares, showing the excitement of what fighter jets do.”


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