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1. Which url would you choose? An English schoolgirl was humiliated when a teacher showed her bikini-clad Facebook picture at a school assembly to show students the evils of social media. But not all urls are created equal.

Gawker: (Photo at ass, Gawker?)

Daily Mail:


2. Author Malcolm Gladwell on what makes disruptive people successful… What kinds of traits do they possess? His new book is: David and Goliath. Read writeup in Inc. Magazine here.

3. NBC has internal breakdown over ratings…Sure there’s global warming and starving children somewhere, but why not worry about TV ratings? Read Page Six here for all the icy details

4. Doesn’t this kind of rain on Chuck Todd’s parade? New York Mag has a report out by Gabriel Sherman saying that NBC was aggressively courting comedian Jon Stewart to clean up David Gregory‘s rating mess. But, no, he wasn’t biting. Does this mean Todd was sloppy seconds? Best quote: “They were ready to back the Brink’s truck up,” a source told Sherman. Read here. Look it how Todd handled the news. In a word: gracefully. See Mediaite here.