Did Bob Beckel Just Challenge Jason Mattera To A Knife Fight? [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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The hosts of Fox’s “The Five” were unimpressed with conservative activist Jason Mattera’s latest video, in which he tracks down Lois Lerner and follows her while asking questions about the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups.

Greg Gutfeld opened the segment by criticizing Mattera’s “stunt” for being unpersuasive. “It takes a special gift, to make the least sympathetic bureaucrat on the planet look sympathetic. Seriously, that even made me feel bad for Lerner, and I can’t stand her!”

Meanwhile, co-host Bob Beckel’s take was a tad more confrontational. “You’re twice as young as I am,” he said, speaking directly to Mattera, “You’re a punk, you’re a coward, and my name is Bob Beckel. I would like you to call me anytime, anyplace, and let’s you and I discuss it. Because you’re a coward, you’re a [CENSORED], you pick on people, and you deserve to have your ass kicked, and I want to do it.”

Through the rest of the segment, Beckel continued to pepper in various insults and invitations to rumble:

  • “It’s Beckel, at Fox News. If you’d like to know my home address, I could give it to you.”
  • “He’s a punk and a coward!”
  • “That’s an insult to Breitbart’s history. That is an insult by a guy who is a punk and a lousy, lying, un-American punk.”
  • “Let him go fight ISIS!”

But right before the show went to break, Beckel managed to get in the ringer: “And bring a knife, punk!”

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