Worldly People On Harvard Campus Blame Everything On America, Including ISIS [VIDEO]

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In the gem of a video below, Campus Reform drops by the campus of Harvard University to ask people on campus: “What is a greater threat: America or ISIS?”

The interviewees — at least the ultra-pretentious, ultra-annoying ones chosen for the clip — definitely did not disappoint.

The dude in the hipster Cholo flannel who politely blows smoke from his roll-your-own cigarette beside the interviewer’s face is The Daily Caller’s favorite. For sure. However, the dude double-fisted with coffees is great. And the woman who ebulliently declares that she just learned that the United States has a large defense-spending budget is utterly fantastic.

“As a western civilization, we’re to blame for a lot of the problems that we’re facing now,” one person said. “I don’t think anyone would argue that we didn’t create the problem of ISIS ourselves.”


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