Michelle Obama Admits She Wears Spanx And Thinks Everybody Else Does, Too

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First lady Michelle Obama has admitted that she wears Spanx.

“We all wear them,” Obama swore on Wednesday during a speech to students and fashion moguls at a White House fashion education event, reports The Hill.

Then, after a pause, and after some nervous laughter from the audience, the first lady added: “With pride!”

Also, there are now White House fashion education events.

Spanx, if you are uninitiated, are undergarments and other clothes designed to give the impression that the person wearing them is slim and shapely — a straitjacket for female (and, sure, male) fat, if you will.

Urban Dictionary defines Spanx as “power panties used by portly people for the illusion of slimness.”

The context of the first lady’s speech was a discussion of Sara Blakely, the entrepreneurial genius who invented Spanx, and who is now worth a cool $1 billion. Blakely, 43, created Spanx with her $5,000 life savings when she was 27.

The audience which heard Obama’s Spanx admission included high school and college students as well as fashion luminaries such as Vogue editor-in-vhief Anna Wintour and designer Diane Von Furstenberg.

“Fashion is about so much more than just a pretty pair of pumps or the perfect hemline,” Obama told the assembled crowd, according to The Hill. “For so many people across the country, it’s a calling. It’s a career. And it’s the way they feed their families.”

In a gushing introduction, Wintour said, “The word that comes to mind when I think of the first lady is ‘nurture.'”

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