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#NotAllMuslims Throw A Fit Because They Can’t Go Swimming Fully Clothed

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People should respect each other’s cultural differences, as long as the culture isn’t ours.

KMGH-TV, Denver:

This woman has the right to her religious practices, as long as those practices don’t hurt anybody else. And this public recreation facility has the right to enforce its own rules.

If it’s an issue of health and safety, then why is this woman entitled to her own set of rules?

She wasn’t banned or anything. If she refuses to follow the rules, why can’t she just watch her kids from outside the pool?

Well, because then she couldn’t go on the news and sob about how she’s being victimized for her religious beliefs. Then she couldn’t wail about discrimination. Then she couldn’t take a matter of simple common sense — it’s not a good idea to go swimming with several layers of clothes on — and turn it into a federal case.

How does she even dry off after getting out of the pool, anyway? Doesn’t she get itchy? Am I allowed to ask, or is that “racist”?

(Hat tip: Daily Surge)