Police Report Details Brawl Involving Palin Family

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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No charges will be filed in a drunken melee that took place Sept. 6 in Wasilla, Ala., involving Sarah Palin and most of her family.

According to a police report released Thursday by Talking Points Memo, at least two separate fights broke out during a birthday party for twin brothers, Matthew and Marc McKenna.

The first fight involved Todd and Sarah’s son, Track Palin, who ended up bloody and without a shirt on. The second involved Bristol Palin, a former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant, who witnesses said punched a man in the face six times.

According to the police report, Track said that several men were taunting Bristol and his other sister Willow, making them cry. When Track decided to leave the party, he said that a friend of his was assaulted by a group of men. This led to a street brawl which left Track bleeding from the face without a shirt on.

According to the police report, Bristol claimed that a man named Korey Klingenmeyer, who owned the house where the party was being thrown, called her a “slut” and pushed her to the ground.

She also claimed that someone stole her shoes and sunglasses and dragged her across the ground by her feet.

Other witnesses provided more detail to the incidents.

Matthew McKenna said that he went with Todd to the street in front of the house where the fight involving Track and his friend had broken out. McKenna said four men jumped Todd Palin at that point. When that fight ended, they went back to the house where the party was being held.

There, McKenna says he saw Bristol Palin punch Klingenmeyer half a dozen times.

At that point a “bunch of wives tackled [Bristol’s] ass,” he told the police, saying that she was “out of control.”

According to the police report, McKenna “said the problem was that Bristol and Willow were drunk as were their boyfriends and the boyfriends allegedly had a problem with some of their employees.”

Brian Horscel, who said he is friends with both Klingenmeyer and the Palins, told police that Track Palin started a fight with a man who worked for the McKenna brothers.

After Palin lost the fight, he said Bristol jumped in to say that she was going to beat up the person who fought her brother. According to Horscel, Klingenmeyer told Palin that she wasn’t going to fight at his house. At that point, Bristol told Klingenmeyer that he had no control over her. She threatened to hit him in the face. He told her to go ahead and do it, and she did. He then stopped her and “sat on her ass,” according to Horscel.

Klingenmeyer suffered “minor cuts and bruises” on his face and lips but refused to press charges. According to the Alaska Dispatch News, Anchorage police do not plan to press charges.

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