Gutfeld: Democrats Only Ones Who ‘Have To Wear A Disguise To Win’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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The hosts of Fox News’ “The Five” were not impressed with Democratic Kentucky Senate candidate Allison Lundergan Grimes’s refusal to say whether or not she voted for Barack Obama in the presidential election.

Greg Gutfeld drew first blood with a colorful analogy: “Grimes is like a guy who distances himself from a friend who’s throwing up in the bar. He’s like ‘I’m not with him! I’m not with him!’”

“If in order to run, you’re running away from a man that you knew to be true to your principles, then that means you’re running away from your own principles. So she’s actually running from herself, which is mind-boggling.”

Eric Bolling also noted that Grimes was already hurting from a recent video in which a campaign donor said that Grimes would “f***” the coal industry. “She’s pretty much cooked,” he opined.

But Gutfeld got the final word in the segment, saying Grimes’ problem was endemic throughout her party. “The Democratic Party is the only where you have to wear a disguise to win.”

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