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SO CUTE: WaPo’s Wesley Lowery Returns To Scene Of Crime

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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WaPo‘s Wesley “I never, ever make the news about me” Lowery is up to his self-promotional ways again. On Thursday he returned to the Ferguson McDonald’s where he was shoved up against a soda machine after police asked he and HuffPost‘s Ryan Reilly to leave. From that moment on, the journo pair whipped out their cell cameras and Wesley’s Twitter following shot up. The journalists were detained for 45 minutes.

And a few monsters were born.

Well, Wesley returned to the Ferguson, Mo. this week and, not surprising to anyone who has been following his self-promotional tour of the last few months, took to Twitter to mention it. Adorably, he reached out to his partner in crime, Reilly, to share inside jokes about their harrowing time together there.


The two male reporters then devolved into the cutest exchange of memories.

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It’s unclear why, but Goldie Taylor, whose contract at MSNBC was recently not renewed, thought the whole thing was hysterically funny.


Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.59.58 AM


Since writing these stories about Wesley’s “ME” approach to journalism, the reporter has asked me to stop writing about him, said he wishes he could “get rid” of me and jokingly (probably) mentioned getting a restraining order against me. He has also supported those who have accused me of being racist because of the stories I’ve written about him calling him “pompous.”

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Because it couldn’t possibly be that I think Wesley’s “ME” approach to journalism is disgusting.

Undoubtedly, it must be racism.