Washington Post Reporter: White House Prostitution Scandal Claims Are ‘Demonstrably False’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Washington Post journalist Carol Leonnig, the reporter who broke the story that the White House had covered up the involvement of one of their staffers in the Colombian prostitution scandal, appeared on MSNBC’s “Daily Rundown” to rebut the White House’s “demonstrably false” claims about the scandal.

The White House has said a lot of different things over the last two years about why a White House staffer likely wasn’t involved and why their review was very thorough and they found nothing to it. This issue of the mistaken identity seems to me a red herring. It is demonstrably false to say that the only evidence, which is what the White House is saying, that the only evidence involving this guy was that a woman had signed herself into this room.

We’ve looked and reviewed the investigator’s real-time notes on what they asked at this hotel, at the Hilton. And what they learned is that three people on the U.S. delegation appear to have signed in themselves, registered a guest, a female foreign national into their rooms, likely a prostitute, and the Hilton made clear to investigators that there was no way a woman could just write a number down for a room in the president’s hotel where there was a lot of high security.

There’s no way a woman can do that. The guest, who’s the paying guest, the U.S. delegation member, has to present this woman at the desk, has to agree that she is coming with him into his room, she has to present her identification number and her actual ID. They photocopy the woman’s ID. And for each of those three personnel, the Hilton said that is what happened.

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