Senator Pat Roberts: Valerie Jarrett Was Involved In IRS Scandal [VIDEO]

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Republican Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts said Friday that he thinks the IRS targeting scandal was driven by Valerie Jarrett’s office in the White House, according to information that he saw that Democrats tried to “whitewash.”

Roberts told talk radio host Hugh Hewitt that he participated in a Senate Finance Committee investigation into the IRS scandal but “the effort was made by the majority, by the Democrats in the Congress, to simply end that investigation,” which he called a “whitewash.”

“I’m convinced that even Valerie Jarrett was involved,” Roberts said.

“I think this was White House-driven. I think all of the information at least that I saw leads to that, so we really have to finish this investigation,” Roberts said.


“This is pretty serious business,” Roberts added. “This is egregious. We’re talking about First Amendment rights and freedom of speech.”

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