Even MSNBC Won’t Defend Wendy Davis’ Wheelchair Ad [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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MSNBC was one of Democratic Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis’ biggest fans in her political fight for late-term abortion in Texas. But even they are not prepared to defend her recent attack ad focusing on her Republican opponent Greg Abbot’s disability. The entire panel of “Up w/ Steve Kornacki”– including host Steve Kornacki, MSNBC’s Suzy Khimm, liberal columnist Michael Tomasky, and former Republican Congressman Tom Davis– was unwilling to defend the ad. (RELATED: Wendy Davis Uses Greg Abbott’s Wheelchair Against Him In New Ad)

“Anybody here want to make the case that this was a good ad?” Kornacki asked the panel, prompting Tomaski to immediately say, “No.”

“This makes liberals squirm in their chairs,” he continued later. “And she should have given more thought, I think, to the reputation she had, even if she was going to lose by 18 points or whatever it is.”

Khim agreed that the ad would damage her reputation. “If she wants to run for office again, this is definitely going to follow her and it’s the kind of Hail Mary pass that not only might not work but could have consequences for her own future political career.”

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