Twitter: Michelle Meant To Flub Candidate’s Name! (Not Really)

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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EDITOR’S NOTE: No, not seriously. These three were obviously joking.


Yes, seriously. Not one, not two, but three prominent media figures are floating the idea that Michelle Obama (and Bill Clinton, apparently) intentionally butchered Iowa Senate candidate Bruce Braley’s name seven times last Friday.

Let’s begin with the third hour of NBC’s “Today.” NewsBusters reports that during a discussion of Michelle’s name flub, co-host Willie Geist noted that Michelle would have had a teleprompter with Braley’s name on it. “But now he’s getting a lot of name recognition,” he pointed out. “Maybe it was like evil genius move, who knows?”

Meanwhile, Politico’s Hadas Gold reached the same conclusion on Twitter.


But Bloomberg Politics’ Dave Weigel has another idea.


Bill Clinton botched Bruce Braley’s name so he could distance himself from Obama? Makes perfect sense!

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