Gutfeld: Dems Treating Obama Like ‘Crazed Drunk Waving A Dead Cat On The Subway’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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The panel of Fox’s “The Five” dug into New York Times columnist Paul Krugman’s recent claim that President Barack Obama was one the most “consequential” and “successful” presidents of all-time. Co-host Greg Gutfed agreed, but because he thought Obama was successful at implementing horrible policies. As a result, he said, vulnerable Democrats are running from Obama “like he’s the crazed drunk waving a dead cat on the subway.”

Captain Crazy is right. Obama is indeed the most successful leftist ever at implementing progressive ideals, enabling a country to experience the consequences of unbridled government expansion and identity politics in its purest form.

He placed a sixth of the economy in government hands. He shifted millions of Americans into dependence mode, tethering achievers to create an illusion of equality, further atrophying the muscles of initiative. He recast priorities from global threats to American injustice, a Trojan horse for punishing an evil, sexist, racist nation.

And everything he wanted, he got: a domestically-divided, globally-compromised, humbled wreck of a ship. The result: every single Democratic candidate who might lose in November are running from the President like he’s the crazed drunk waving a dead cat on the subway.

Funny: when a liberal achieves his objectives, his supporters flee because his handiwork is so horrifying. So yeah, when you consider Mr. Obama’s achievements, they could be described as ‘staggering’… much like how our country is now.

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