Mexican Government Subsidizes Illegals’ DACA Applications To Avoid Deportation

Derek Hunter Contributor
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The government of Mexico is actively subsidizing attempts by their citizens to avoid deportation from the United States. Illegal aliens who want to apply for inclusion in President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, have to submit an application to switch their status from illegal to temporarily legal; that application costs $465 to process.

Many people eligible for DACA consideration cannot afford the application fee, so the Mexican government has stepped up to cover the cost.

National Public Radio reports, “Mexican consulates around the U.S. have been paying those fees for some applicants through a little-known program for Mexican citizens with financial need.”

In Los Angeles alone, the Mexican consulate has budgeted $250,000 to help illegals pay their application costs. More than 260 Mexican nationals have had all or part of their DACA application fees paid for in LA alone.

Listen to the complete NPR report below.

How many Mexican citizens the Mexican government has subsidized is unknown. According to NPR, “The Mexican Embassy in Washington, D.C., does not keep track of how many DACA applications the consulates have funded nationwide, according to Julian Escutia, head of the embassy’s consular coordination and Hispanic affairs section.”

The U.S. government does not ask applicants where they get their fee money, and is not concerned that a foreign government may be subsidizing illegals’ applications, saying they have “no way of knowing where any fees might have originated.”

In spite of the fact that Democrats had complete control of Congress and the White House from 2009 till 2011, DACA was not created through legislation, it was created through presidential order in June of 2012. Democrats, with 60 votes in the Senate and an overwhelming majority in the House, failed to make passage of the DREAM Act a priority. President Obama, in the midst of a contentious reelection campaign, implemented parts of it anyway, creating DACA through Executive Order. The legality of this action remains a point of contention to this day.