Republicans Are Killing You With Ebola, Of Course

Jim Treacher | Blogger

Erica Payne, the same PR genius behind “F*ck Tea” and “Hey, Let’s Deface Paul Ryan’s New Book,” has put out a chillingly effective new ad that tells the ugly truth about Ebola.

Watch and learn, wingnuts:

I especially like the horror-movie music emphasizing the repetition of “Cut.” The Republicans want to chop you up with fiscal responsibility!

It’s all part of their evil plan. Right, Donna?

#1 on that list: Insufficient government spending.

You have to trust that government employees are using your tax dollars responsibly, and that they’re telling you the truth about it. They wouldn’t lie to you. What would be in it for them?

Or maybe you don’t believe them. Maybe you’re a traitor. Maybe you hate the United States of America.

Yeah, that’s what I thought, teabagger.

(Hat tip: Real Clear Politics)

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