Shepard Smith Mocks Cable News’ Ebola Obsession [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Shepard Smith is less than impressed with the media’s coverage of the Ebola breakout in the United States.

He made his feelings known on “Shepard Smith Reporting” on Monday after returning from a week of vacation.

“Here at home, the whole world is jumping up and down,” he said. “You would think four million people in America have Ebola, wouldn’t you? You would think.” (RELATED: Democratic Senators Want CDC To Up Ebola Airport Screenings)

“I’ve been on vacation, and occasionally on vacation you turn on television channels, lots of them. My God! You’d think everyone on the planet had Ebola! One American has gotten Ebola… in the United States.” (RELATED: Ebola Strikes Again In Texas: Female Nurse Tests Positive)

As he teased the next segment in his outro, Smith promised his coverage of the Ebola crisis would be “fair, balanced, [and] with context and perspective.” (RELATED: Democrats Blame Republicans For Ebola)

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