American Male High School Athletes Just Can’t Quit Anal Hazing

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America’s boy-on-boy anal hazing problem is in the news again. Digital penetration, pencil penetration, javelin penetration and other creative penetration methods continue to be part of bizarro rituals in high schools nationwide.

The latest incident has rocked the suburban New Jersey enclave of Sayreville.

Last week, Sayreville High School canceled the entire remainder of its perennially powerful football team’s schedule over allegations that senior players would routinely pin freshman players to the locker room floor en masse. Then older players would put fingers in the freshman players’ anuses, The Star-Ledger reports.

But wait. There’s more. Sometimes, as a bonus, the older players would place those same fingers in the younger players’ mouths.

It’s unspeakably awful. It’s also a nationwide phenomenon that shows no signs of slowing down.

From June 2012 to June 2013, for example, there were over a dozen reported hazing incidents around the country involving high school boys who have sodomized other boys with foreign objects. (RELATED: Anal Hazing Is Apparently A Thing In American High Schools Now)

In a remarkable number of these incidents, male varsity athletes were the ringleaders.

Three former soccer players at La Puente High School in the suburban sprawl east of Los Angeles were convicted of sexually assaulting other students with a javelin and a broken flagpole, according to Southern California Public Radio.

In tiny Greenfield, Iowa, members of the Nodaway Valley High School wrestling team allegedly pinned down a 16-year-old teammate and sexually assaulted him because he had missed practice. An unidentified student told ABC affiliate KCRG that older wrestlers ordinarily forced jump-rope handles into the anuses of younger wrestlers who missed practice or failed to make weight.

At New York’s fancypants Bronx High School of Science, three members of the track team stand accused of violently sexual abusing at least one younger student, according to CBS New York. “You need a good fingering, you freshman,” one of the attackers allegedly told the victim at one point.

In the suburbs of Chicago, prosecutors say a group of older soccer players at Maine West High School sodomized several younger players with fingers or sticks, according to WLS-TV. The boys soccer coach, Michael DiVincenzo, was charged with abetting the hazing abuse.

In another Chicago suburb, five members of the football and basketball teams at Plano High School allegedly sexually assaulted three teammates in a locker room. The assaults involved digital penetration. At least sometimes, the crimes occurred on the victims’ birthdays.

In 2012, in the tiny ranching town of Norwood, Colo., three varsity wrestlers bound a 13-year-old boy with duct tape on a bus — at the state wrestling meet — and sodomized him with a pencil. The townies sided overwhelmingly with the coach and the pencil-wielding attackers. “This happens 1,000 times a day around the U.S.,” the wrestling coach said, according to the victim’s father.

More recently, in September 2013, police arrested three members of the boys junior varsity soccer team at a Boston-area high school for allegedly assaulting freshmen team members at a sports camp in over the summer. (RELATED: This Week In Anal Hazing In American High Schools)

A study published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence has claimed that nearly 10 percent of high school males report suffering some form of sexual assault including, in some cases, forced oral sex or rape.

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