Dr. Ben Carson: Chances Are ’50/50′ I Run For President In 2016 [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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In an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity Monday night, former Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Ben Caron said the chances of him making a 2016 run are “at least 50/50.”

“Well, I’m certainly thinking about it as more and more people encourage me to do it. In the beginning I thought it was more of a passing fad and that it would go away, but in fact it seems to be building more and more momentum,” said Carson. “The thought of having somebody that’s from among the people, and not necessarily a part of the political class, I think is appealing in many ways, and common sense, I think, will solve so many more of our problems than being a staunch political insider.”

“I’d say [the odds of running] are at least 50/50,” Carson told Hannity.

This comes on the heels of TheDC’s report last week that Carson allies are laying the groundwork for a run at the White House. (RELATED: Ben Carson Allies Laying Groundwork For Presidential Campaign)

“I think the odds are definitely in favor of Ben making the decision to run,” said Terry Giles, a longtime friend of Carson’s, last week, who also noted the 2016 operation would be based out of Bethesda, Md.

In late September, Carson told radio host Hugh Hewitt the chances of him running for president are “reasonably good.” (RELATED: Dr. Ben Carson – Chances Are ‘Reasonably Good’ That I’ll Be Running For President In 2016)