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Hillary Clinton Seems Like A Really Genuine Person

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Those right-wing jerks over at the Washington Free Bacon are pretending to understand humor again. Yeah, right!

Supposedly, this clip makes Hillary Clinton look bad:

Um, hello? If you think this makes Hillary look stiff and awkward and clueless, that’s only because you think Mitt Romney is funny on purpose. I, for one, am glad that she has no idea what a marijuana plant looks like. (Um, if that in fact doesn’t look like a marijuana plant, that is. You tell me.)

Hillary Clinton is a really terrific lady and would make a terrific Commander-in-Chief. Sure, she doesn’t have much in the way of accomplishments to run on — just the opposite, if we’re being honest — but she’s just so darn likable.

Do we really need to hold an election in 2016? Can’t we just avoid all the fuss and appoint her president? After all, she’s a woman and she’s not a Republican. What more do you want from the leader of the free world?

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Jim Treacher