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It’s Official: DC Is The Most Expensive Place To Live In America

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I moved away from Mordor Washington, DC earlier this year, and it feels good to be back in America. The only thing I hated worse than DC drivers was DC rent.

If you had to listen to me bitch about it at any point in the last 5 years, all I can say is that I was right, like always.


Washington D.C. is the nation’s most expensive place to live, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report.

According to the report, District-dwellers spend an average of $28,416 on housing, more than residents in other pricey cities like New York and San Francisco.

Rent or mortgage alone is an average of almost $1,500 per month, not counting other living expenses. And then factor in taxes, food prices, everything else. It’s all more expensive in DC.

But that’s okay, because all of your money gets pumped into that massive sinkhole every single second of every single day! You’re paying for the privilege of being stolen from and lied to, and it’d be nice if you said thanks.

Go ahead. Say it. “Thank you for taking all my money and telling me things that aren’t true. The honor is mine.” You don’t want to be ungrateful, do you?

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Jim Treacher