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Quote of the Day:

“But right now. As a cranky guy reading the paper, Fuck ISIS in all 3 holes and make a fifth and fuck them there too.” — comedian Louis C.K.

The ‘In Real Life’ observer 

“People like to criticize Hollywood for making movies about stupid boring characters but the truth is most people IRL are stupid & boring.” — Mother JonesBen Dreyfuss, son of YOU-KNOW-WHO Dreyfuss.

CONFESSIONAL: Journo deeply regrets checking Twitter on Columbus Day 

“Ugh, I almost made it the whole day without checking Twitter. It was tranquil and I was at peace.” — The Daily Caller‘s Patrick Howley.

Ex-‘Love Connection’ host says media is ‘perverted’

“MSM will use any excuse not to report real news. And even when they do it’s so perverted you can’t understand it.” — former “Love Connection” host Chuck Woolery, who has a tiresome, rabid hatred of any media that isn’t conservative.

BuzzFeed‘s Ashley McCollum upped to Peretti’s COS 

“Then again, Nguyen isn’t the only woman at BuzzFeed moving up today. [Jonah] Peretti is also bumping up Ashley McCollum, who oversaw biz dev and communications; she is now his chief of staff.” — a story in Recode.

Reporter makes important, swift announcement 

“Happy New Taylor Swift Song Day, everyone!” — HuffPost‘s Elise Foley.

Mother Jones: “Study suggests too much sugar and fuzzy memories go hand-in-hand, especially for young adult.” See “This is your teenager’s brain on soda” here.

Journo at Poynter has ethics 

“What’s the weirdest story/PR pitch you’ve gotten? I got one a while back with a pitch to get paid for including links in stories. I said no.” — Kristen Hare, reporter, Poynter.

Crossing fingers for Ebola-infected nurse’s dog: “Dallas nurse’s dog being watched at undisclosed location as she is being treated for Ebola” — World News Tonight.