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5 Dumbest Tweets Of The Week

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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And now for the dumbest part of our week…

Journo forgets how to spell ‘Republican’

5. “You know the cycle is getting to you when you stare at the word ‘Republican’ in copy, convinced it’s misspelled, and it’s not.” — Jessica Taylor, campaign editor for The Hill, and a newcomer to this list.

Reporter inexplicably ‘baffled’ about smoking on planes 

4. “It baffles me that you used to be able to smoke on airplanes, and people didn’t think that was incredibly rude or annoying.” — NYT‘s Josh Barro.

Chill out, dude. It’s just Ebola. 

3. “Despite the best efforts of some, Americans on the whole seem to be basically chill about the Ebola situation.” — MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who has his finger on the pulse of what ordinary Americans think.

Journo eats hummus, uses cucumber as utensil

2. “Eating hummus like its yogurt using slices of cucumber as a spoon. #DinnerofChampions #editorsproblems” — Rachel Quigley, editor, Bauer Xcel Media.

Just babbling at this point…

1. “It’s really not very hygienic to kiss nurses and you shouldn’t do it because they need to not be infecting people with germs and stuff.” — Washington Examiner‘s Justin Green.