Droid Turbo Leaked In Full

Ben Smith Contributor
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Through a series of embarrassing leaks from Verizon, the newest of features available on Droid’s unreleased Turbo are now available. The phone set to debut on Oct. 28 will have major improvements in structure and processing.

The leaked photo, tweeted out by Verizon, will have a 5.2-inch screen with ultra-high definition display covered by Gorilla Glass. The Gorilla glass will prevent scratches on the screen and reinforce durability on the phone. The phone will be covered in a special coating that prevents water damage from spills and even from a 20-minute downpours. To increase the durability and frame of the phone, the Turbo is equipped with a layer of Kevlar on the back.

Battery life will be improved. The Turbo will feature a large 3900mAh battery that has a 48-hour lifespan. The new battery is larger than the Apple iPhone and will have wireless charging technology. The Turbo will have a charger that can give the phone eight hours of battery life after a quick 15-minute plug-in time.

The Turbo’s processor, the Snapdragon 805, made by Qualcomm, according to DroidLife, will push the Droid brand further as is promotes this “next-gen” technology. The Turbo will need a fast new processor to handle the latest additions to the phone. The camera on the back the phone is a 21MP camera with dual LED flash will allow for high-resolution shot. You’ll be able to store on those pictures on the 32GB of storage along with the 3G of RAM.

The new Turbo will also be equipped with 4G-LTE capabilities along with VoLTE and Advanced Calling 1.0. Advanced Calling allows for the caller to video call using HD and can also have up to a 6-way conference. VoLTE also allows for you voice to be heard over Verizon 4G network.

The roll-out will be a joint effort by Motorola and Verizon.