‘Morning Joe’ On Mitt Romney: ‘We Kind Of Made A Mistake Four Years Ago’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Hearing Joe Scarborough beat the drum of Mitt Romney is nothing new.

But well-known Democrat Donny Deutsch? That’s a new one.

On Wednesday’s edition of “Morning Joe,” Deutsch looked back with regret at Romney’s loss in 2012.

“There is a psychological reason to go to Mitt Romney, and that is: wow! We kind of made a mistake four years ago,” said Deutsch, the former advertising executive. “We get to do a do-over. He was right about Syria, he was right about a lot of things.”

“Donny, you’re dead right,” said the Morning Joe co-host. “There is a reason why Mitt Romney has come out of nowhere suddenly…we only elected a certain kind of leader when the Soviets existed and we had to elect somebody with their finger on the bomb.”

“You know who those type of people were? They were like Mitt Romney,” said Scarborough. “We didn’t give a damn whether somebody was exciting. We didn’t give a damn whether they talked about hope, whether they talked about change.”

“We need somebody like Romney…Americans yearn for competence, and Mitt Romney is competent,” added the former Florida congressman.

[h/t: Newsbusters]