Rick Scott Refuses To Appear On Debate Stage Because Charlie Crist Has A Banned Electronic Fan [VIDEO]

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott temporarily refused to debate Democrat Charlie Crist Wednesday night after accusing Crist of using an illegal electronic fan under his podium.


“As you can see, the two candidates who have been invited to speak at this debate right now are not stepping up on the stage,” said the moderator. “Ladies and gentlemen we have an extremely peculiar situation right now.”

Rick Scott is “also in the building” but “will not be participating in this debate.”

Scott cited a rule that “there should be no fan,” according to the moderator.

Scott eventually appeared on stage, after he was booed in absentia by the crowd. Scott failed to adequately explain away the controversy.


The debate rule appears to have been a prohibition against electronic devices, like the kind used for cheating, and there was no specific “no fan” rule.

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