Two State Lawmakers Exchange Gunfire With Would-Be Robber

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Two Democratic lawmakers in Pennsylvania traded gunfire with a would-be robber Tuesday night near the state capitol in Harrisburg.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Rep. Marty Flynn of Luzerne and Rep. Ryan Bizzarro of Erie were heading home from dinner at around 11 p.m. when a man approached them.

The assailant “pointed a gun first at Flynn and then at Bizzarro and demanded their wallets,” The Inquirer reports. A second man was reportedly issuing instructions to the gunman from across the street.

According to the state’s Democratic Caucus, Flynn, a former corrections officer, pulled out his own weapon and “exchanged shots” with the attempted robber.

The lawmakers fled, as did the assailant.

After police arrived at the pair’s residence, Flynn said that he had fired his weapon and handed it over to law enforcement.

“Bizzarro and Flynn expressed relief that nobody was struck by gunfire and they thanked the Harrisburg police for the remarkably quick response,” the caucus statement said, according to The Inquirer.

Three people have been taken into custody in connection with the incident, according to a caucus spokesman.

The incident comes as Pennsylvania lawmakers consider legislation that would cut back on gun regulations.

The Pennsylvania House recently passed a bill that limited regulations in the state by a vote of 143 to 54. Both Flynn and Bizzarro supported the bill which was backed by the National Rifle Association. That bill was amended before being taken up by the state senate, though the upper chamber is now considering another pro-gun bill.

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