White House On West Africa Travel Ban: ‘Not On The Table At This Point’

Al Weaver Reporter
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While the Ebola outbreak continues to spread throughout West Africa, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Wednesday that a travel ban to the affected areas will not be going into effect at any point in the immediate future.

Earnest made the comments during Wednesday’s White House press briefing.

“Is there still no consideration of a travel ban from the affected countries in Africa?” asked ABC News’ Jon Karl.

“That’s something that’s not on the table at this point,” Earnest said. “And, again, the reason for that just in case people haven’t heard the previous answer I’ve given to this…shutting down travel to that area of the world would prevent the expeditious flow of personnel and equipment into the region.”

“The only way for us to stop this outbreak and to eliminate any risk from Ebola to the American public is to stop this outbreak at the source,” said the White House flack. “We are mobilizing significant resources to make sure that supplies and personnel can get to the affected region, and start meeting the needs of the effective regions so we can stop the outbreak.”

Earlier Wednesday, Amber Vinson became the second Dallas health care worker, who cared for Thomas Eric Duncan, to test positive for the virus. She is the second person to contract Ebola within the U.S. (RELATED: Ebola Hits Second Dallas Health Worker)

According to a Tuesday poll conducted by the Washington Post/ABC News, 67 percent of Americans favor “restricting entry to the United States by people who’ve been in affected countries. Only 29 percent oppose a proposed travel ban. (RELATED: Poll: 67 Percent Want Ebola Travel Ban)

President Obama had cancelled his campaign fundraising schedule in New Jersey and Connecticut for Wednesday to convene cabinet meetings to discuss the containment of Ebola. (RELATED: Crisis – Ebola Blocks Obama’s Fundraiser)