Fort Hood Police Say No Shooting On Base

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Military Police on Fort Hood tell The Daily Caller that there was no shooting on base Thursday.

Earlier Thursday, a flurry of activity on social media gave rise to speculation over another shooting at Fort Hood in Killeen, TX.

The Daily Caller reached out to authorities for clarification, but Fort Hood Military Police denied the occurrence of any shooting.

A spokesman told TheDC that earlier reports had simply been blown out of proportion and that, “earlier today we investigated some suspicious activity on base, but the situation has been handled.”

There have been two shootings on the base in the last 5 years — in 2009, Major Nidal Malik Hassan killed 13 and injured an additional 30. In April of this year, a civilian gunman killed 4 and injured 16 others before shooting himself.

Today’s earlier hysteria occurred in the imminent wake of the death of 1st Lt. Brenton S. Dodgen, 28. Dodgen was found in his Killeen residence last night, and preliminary reports point to a gunshot wound as the cause of death.