Oregon Obamacare Exchange Hits 18th Security Breach

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An Oregon woman was sent personal information of other Obamacare applicants, marking the 18th time in just six months that the embattled exchange has leaked personal information.

Ann Migliaccio told the Associated Press that she received documents containing the names, birth dates, and Obamacare exchange ID’s of two separate customers who also applied for coverage on the exchange, but said she did not receive their Social Security numbers.

When officials became aware of the breach last week, the exchange sent Migliaccio a return envelope for her to send back the documents. She says that she’s done so, but is concerned about the privacy of her and her husband’s information, as both have signed up for coverage on the health-care exchange.

“It was pretty shocking,” Migliaccio said. “But with Cover Oregon nothing is shocking anymore. They should be very thankful I’m an honest person and I will not try to use this information.”

Last year, Cover Oregon cited at least three security breaches that revealed customers Social Security information. As a result, the exchange changed their policy and no longer mails completed documents including Social Security numbers and other personal information. Instead of sending out partially completed documents, officials send a letter describing the problem as well as a blank application.

“We take the security and privacy of our customers very seriously and have policies and trainings in place to protect personally identifiable information of our consumers,” said Cover Oregon spokeswoman Ariane Holm.

Officials said the problems should stop when Cover Oregon officially hands the reins over to when open enrollment begins November 15. (RELATED: Federal Report: Is Still Not Secure) 

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