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Politico Hasn’t Cared About Web Traffic Since 2012

There’s a reason that @FakeJimVandeHei’s Twitter bio reads: “Fuck you, Drudge me.”

And it’s not because the suburban Virginia publication known as POLITICO doesn’t like Drudge hits.

On Wednesday, WaPo‘s POLITICO-obsessed Erik Wemple (who helped drive Publisher Robert Allbritton‘s TBD into the ground) reported something interesting about Politico. After having a really really shitty month of traffic that saw their numbers drop by about 40 percent, an unnamed source inside Politico told him that “we’re kind of a post-traffic publication.”

Yes, they’re above all the ridiculous day-to-day grind at this point. Who cares about winning the morning? In fact, they’re fleeing to Europe. What the hell do they care anymore?

But this isn’t the first time Politico has made such a proud statement.

In 2012, Politico‘s then-Executive Editor Jim VandeHei told HuffPost‘s Michael Calderone essentially the same thing.


Not surprisingly, Wemple’s request for comment to the publications new editor, Susan Glasser, went unreturned. Oh, maybe like Sharyl Attkisson she can’t stand him? Just a possibility.