Michael Steele: Rand Paul ‘Most Dangerous Man In Politics’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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MSNBC political analyst and former head of the RNC Michael Steele appeared on “NOW with Alex Wagner” to discuss potential Republican presidential candidate Senator Rand Paul’s outreach to minorities. Riffing off of the recent Time cover declaring the Kentucky Senator “The Most Interesting Man in Politics,” Steele called Paul the most “dangerous man in politics” for his ability to draw voters from both parties.

What I admire about Rand Paul, and what I appreciate in his effort, is that he is making the effort. He’s been honest and exposing himself a lot more than any Republican potential candidate in three or four cycles and that is almost 30 years. So the reality of it is you’ve got this individual who is reshaping right now, the landscape going into 2016. The Times [sic] called him the most interesting man in politics. I call him the most dangerous man in politics, because he has the ability to draw from the Democrats as well as the Republican bases in a way that could upset a few apple carts if this thing strikes the way he is talking.

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