Bobby Jindal Blasts Obama’s Failed ‘School Of Crisis Management’

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Louisiana Governor and potential 2016 GOP Presidential hopeful Bobby Jindal took to Twitter this afternoon to call out President Barack Obama’s lack of leadership on the Ebola crisis.

First, tweeting out a link to a New York Times story entitled, “Amid Assurances on Ebola, Obama Is Said to Seethe,” with the comment, “I guess we’ve hit the ‘I’m so mad” stage of the crisis.”

From there, Jindal went off.




Jindal has been a vocal critic of the administration’s handling of the Ebola crisis. He told an audience in New York this week, “Time and time again, the CDC and the administration in general have told us things that turned out not to be true. They first said – the president said it was unlikely the virus was going to get here. It did get here, it turns out it did get here. Then he said it was unlikely it was going to spread and it did spread.”