Democrats’ Ebola-Based Campaign To Confirm Obama Surgeon General Pick Is Stupid, Dangerous

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Liberals are squeezing every last drop of infected bodily fluids out of the Ebola blanket that is the American news cycle to push their own political objectives, and if they succeed, we’ll end up confirming an Obama Surgeon General nominee whose qualifications are comprised mainly of using “Twitter for advocacy.”

Something must be gained from this Ebola breakout, the Left thinks, aside from making the act of walking down the sidewalk in Washington, D.C. even more paranoid and excruciating. (The capital’s own Ebola scare at Howard University hospital turned out to be all okay. The guy only had Malaria.)

President Obama is on it with just weeks to go until the midterms, appointing a Solyndra-tainted Ebola czar with no medical background, reminding America that flu season is coming up in a baldly political televised statement that Chris Matthews likened to FDR’s Fireside chats, and even saying that he kissed the Ebola nurses in Atlanta (where’s Chris Christie to exchange a Latex-gloved handshake when you need him?).

His administration knew that there was nearly a 25 percent chance that Ebola would be imported to the United States and he still told us that the risk was “extremely low.” His Centers for Disease Control and Prevention posted inaccurate safety instructions about what to do if you’re exposed to Ebola. The Nebraska Ebola hospital can only take so many patients due to staff constraints after it laid off staff due to Obamacare’s funding cuts. When thed CDC flew Amber Joy Vinson to Atlanta for treatment, a man with no Hazmat suit was handling trash bags on the runway. Heck, Vinson flew on a damn commercial plane after treating an Ebola patient because the CDC told her she could.

And now, the Left is agitating for yet another political appointee to mismanage the Ebola outbreak from the halls of bureaucracy: Surgeon General nominee Vivek Murthy.

More than 24 House Democrats are calling for Murthy to be confirmed immediately “to disseminate information that is desperately needed” and to “combat misinformation here at home.” Lefty social media is blowing up with a pro-Murthy pressure campaign. Paragon of health Michael Moore tweeted, “Did u know we don’t have a perm Surgeon General during this crisis? Obama nom Dr Vivek Murthy 1yr ago but the NRA & Repubs have blocked him.” The mainstream media is echoing the “NRA killed him” line.

But Vivek Murthy’s 2013 nomination was not delayed only by the NRA after Murthy’s anti-gun tweets were publicized. Not even close. The Left doesn’t want to talk about how Senate Republicans raised objections to Murthy, who is in his mid-thirties, due to his lack of medical experience.

The young man’s career has been distinguished mostly by pro-Obamacare activism on the president’s behalf, like founding the photo op-friendly activist group “Doctors For Obama,” which became “Doctors for America.” As The Daily Caller reported, half of the doctors in his own Hospitalist Services specialty at Brigham and Women’s Hospital have more medical experience than him. The guy is basically J.D. from “Scrubs” if he started retweeting Huffington Post reporters.

Doctors for America’s Ebola fact sheet simply directs people to various CDC information pages. Its most recent Ebola-related tweet above stuff about Medicaid expansion and Obamacare enrollment is just a retweet of the White House.

When Doctors for America held its 2013 national conference it featured Judd Legum, editor of the pro-Obama propaganda blog ThinkProgress and, in Murthy’s words, a “social media guru” who taught the doctor-activists how “to use twitter for advocacy.”

What did social media guru Judd Legum tell the doctor-activists in the conference’s “Social Media 101” class?: “Figure out the issues you care about and connect them to issues people are already talking about.” Murthy favorited the tweet quoting Legum’s journalistically egregious statement.

What a game for the nation’s potential top doctor to be playing. It could work with any piece of health information! Let’s try it:

“Heart-disease is the number-one killer in America…Fortunately, Michelle Obama’s school lunch program is standing up to heart disease by making school lunches smaller and less popular. For more information, visit letsmove.gov.”

“Siblings are ideal candidates for kidney donation…Would Charles Koch give David a kidney so they can continue corrupting our democratic processes?”

“Nearly 300,000 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed this year…But did you know that breast cancer is 100 times less common in men than in #Women? It’s time to stand up to breast cancer inequality. Here’s Sandra Fluke to explain more…”

“Will liver disease patients be forced to show photo ID at polling places? #YesAllLivers”

“The first Ebola outbreak occurred in the Sudan in 1976…But isn’t Rush Limbaugh really the one who spreads rhetorical Ebola every day?”

Enough of this insanity. This is Rahm Emanuel “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste” politics. This is an outbreak being used as an activist break-in. I trust Vivek Murthy to stop Ebola like I trust Hunter Biden with a payday loan. If the government wants to “combat misinformation,” they should stop telling Ebola nurses to go ahead and fly on a plane with other passengers with a 99 degree fever. Or, you know, institute a flight ban from the countries where Ebola is.

Or maybe don’t confirm a Surgeon General nominee Kate Hudson’s age who came to prominence advocating for a health care law that is going to kill the medical technology industry’s research and development capabilities before we’ve cured cancer, AIDS, or Alzheimer’s.

Are you listening, Democrats? Or am I going to have to tweet at you?

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