RNC’s Priebus, DNC’s Wasserman Schultz Battle Over Midterms, ‘War On Women,’ Ebola [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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In what has to be the TV booking of week amongst the Sunday’s shows, “Fox News Sunday” reeled in RNC chairman Reince Priebus and DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz with little more than two weeks until the midterm elections to discuss politics galore.

During the course of the 10 minute segment, the two fought over who’s going to actually win the midterms, the so-called “War on Women” the Democrats have been pushing with little success this year and the current Ebola scare and recent naming of Ron Klain as the new “Ebola Czar.”

On the midterms, the two party heads pushed talking points, both saying their respective party will either take or remain in control of the U.S. Senate.

“The one question voters are going to ask themselves is ‘who has my back,'” Wasserman Schultz said, reeling off reason after reason why that will lead to more Democratic votes.

Priebus slammed that notion, hitting the Florida congresswoman in the process.

“Debbie, you guys are losing everywhere, first of all, and the president hasn’t had anybody’s back. He hasn’t even had your back,” he said, referring to a September Politico piece quoting multiple Obama and DNC officials lambasting the chairwoman for her performance.

Host Chris Wallace asked the pair about the “War on Women,” with Wasserman Schultz continuing her assault on the issue, singling out Scott Walker in particular on the issue.

The duo also discussed briefly the current Ebola scare that has consumed the news cycle, with Wallace criticizing both parties for politicizing the issue right after Priebus hit Obama’s most recent appointment of Klain to head up the Ebola situation.

“He’s a lobbyist and a political hack,” he repeated, while also questioning the DNC chair on a possible travel ban.

“Ok. Both sides have made it a political issue,” said Wallace, adding finality to the discussion.