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Another White Democrat Senatorial Candidate Distances Herself From Obama

First, Alison Grimes turned her back on America’s first black president. Then it was Michelle Nunn. And now, to complete the triumvirate of Democratic Party racism: West Virginia senatorial candidate Natalie Tennant.

Last week, during a candidates’ forum hosted by the Charleston Daily Mail, not only did Tennant refuse to say she voted for Obama, but she then proceeded to burn a cross on the White House lawn (metaphorically speaking, of course):

“And I voted for the Democratic Party. But I’m as angry as everyone else is about Barack Obama and his attitude toward West Virginia. His attitude toward coal.”

Translation: He’s uppity.

Who will be the next white Democrat to denounce Barack Obama for not knowing his place? Which Klansman or -woman running for office will cut the crap and reveal the Democrats’ seething hatred for black America? Stay tuned.

It’s not much fun, is it, Dems?

(Hat tip: Andrew Johnson)