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Another White Democrat Senatorial Candidate Distances Herself From Obama

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First, Alison Grimes turned her back on America’s first black president. Then it was Michelle Nunn. And now, to complete the triumvirate of Democratic Party racism: West Virginia senatorial candidate Natalie Tennant.

Last week, during a candidates’ forum hosted by the Charleston Daily Mail, not only did Tennant refuse to say she voted for Obama, but she then proceeded to burn a cross on the White House lawn (metaphorically speaking, of course):

“And I voted for the Democratic Party. But I’m as angry as everyone else is about Barack Obama and his attitude toward West Virginia. His attitude toward coal.”

Translation: He’s uppity.

Who will be the next white Democrat to denounce Barack Obama for not knowing his place? Which Klansman or -woman running for office will cut the crap and reveal the Democrats’ seething hatred for black America? Stay tuned.

It’s not much fun, is it, Dems?

(Hat tip: Andrew Johnson)