Brit Hume: ‘Rock Star’ Obama ‘Is No More’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Fox News political analyst Brit Hume declared that President Obama’s “rock star image” is no more after attendees left a rally in Maryland after the president began speaking.

“It sort of confirms what a lot of us have thought for some time,” he said Monday on “America’s Newsroom,” “Which is that the rock star image of President Obama is no more, and he is just not as interesting to people as he once was. Members of his party are somewhat uninterested and demoralized, fearing a big Republican win in a few weeks.” (RELATED: Brit Hume: CDC Director Ebola Claims ‘Manifestly Not True’)

But Hume noted that there was still one area in which President Obama still has rock star status: “He still remains pretty much a rock star on the fundraising circuit and has certainly benefiting his party by raising a large sum of money for them in this cycle.”

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