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Monica Lewinsky Just Joined Twitter

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Now that Bill Clinton has rebranded himself, magically transforming from a predator of women to an advocate for them, it’s time for his most (in)famous old flame to step back into the public eye.

Considering that Lewinsky was one of the first casualties of the Internet Age, she must be pretty nervous about throwing herself back into the fray. I’m with Derek Hunter on this one:

We all make mistakes when we’re young and trying to find our way in the world. Most of them don’t involve having extramarital sexual relations with that man, the President of the United States, but…

I think she’s spent enough time in that barrel. Bill Clinton lied about her and treated her like garbage. He used her when she was convenient and then discarded her when she wasn’t. Now he’s the most popular Democrat in the country, and her very name is a punchline. Talk about a #WarOnWomen.

She’s been punished enough by the people she trusted.

Welcome back, Monica. I’m sure you’ll get a lot of crap, but it won’t be from me.