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Politico Drags Feet On Putting Susan Glasser Atop Masthead

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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It has been one month and two days since Susan Glasser was named the first female “editor” of Politico. And the strange part? The powers that be still have not placed her name and picture in the “Executive” section of their masthead. Weirdly, someone did have time to change Danielle Jones‘s title to Executive VP of Expansion.

So apparently the masthead is accessible.

But no. The top is still Robert, Jim, John and Kim. (As in Allbritton, VandeHei, Harris [a.k.a. VandeHarris] and Kingsley.) And there’s Glasser, still among the Politico masses down below. Still with her old title: Magazine Editor.

This is Washington, a place where titles — the longer and more ridiculous the better — mean everything. You’d think they would be among the first to fix the masthead and give everyone their proper titles. What does someone have to do around the suburban Virginia-based HQ to get their title correct on the online masthead? Is Mike Allen still in Brussels?

With 35 members of the tech team, no one has a few minutes to do this? They certainly had time to strip any presence of former Executive Editor Rick Berke, their star hire from the NYT who recently quit before his first anniversary. And forget about Peter Canellos, the newly named Executive Editor. He’s nowhere to be found.

And this might be small and petty, but whatever, we’re on a roll. Politico Mag’s Garrett Graff, who has no issues with self-promotion — meaning that he’s obviously not allergic to it — has no headshot lying around? He’s the former EDITOR of Washingtonian. There must be photographic evidence of that somewhere.

Come on, Politico. Chop. Chop.



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STILL EDITORIAL: Garrett Graff’s missing head  Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 12.40.51 AM