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Wendy Davis Wants To Know If Greg Abbott, Whose Wife Is Mexican-American, Supports A Ban On Interracial Marriage

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The Wendy Davis campaign is doing a great job convincing Texans to get out and vote.

For Greg Abbott.

Her last-ditch ad with the empty wheelchair didn’t turn out very well among sane people, so now she’s falling back to the last-last-ditch: racism.

Here’s the image, in case it doesn’t show up in that tweet:


Apparently, Abbott recently sidestepped a question about a hypothetical ban in interracial marriage, saying that as Texas Attorney General, he’s bound by the laws of the state. Which is the correct answer, unless you’re a Republican.

It’s also a stupid “gotcha” question about something that isn’t going to happen, but again, that’s standard operating procedure for reporters interviewing non-Democrats. It doesn’t need to make sense, as long as you can put the guy’s name in the same headline as an issue that you think will anger people.

If you’re really dumb and/or dishonest, which you’d need to be to support Wendy Davis at this point, there’s a certain method to this madness. First, Davis falsely claimed that Abbott profited from his crippling injury and then (ahem) kicked the ladder down when other victims tried to do the same. She can pose with as many lefties in wheelchairs as she likes, but it won’t make this slanderous accusation any more true.

And now, she’s trying to say that Abbott is kicking the chapel doors closed. He married himself a Mexican lady, and now he’s trying to stop you from doing the same, Texans. Why? Doesn’t matter. He just is. Vote for Wendy.

Are you buying it? If so, go right ahead.