African-American Tea Party Members Begin 2014 Campaign

Melissa Brown Contributor
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A collaboration of African-American  civil rights leaders and tea party members joined together to launch the “Restore the Dream 2014” campaign on Monday. The group’s mission is to fill the void in urban communities where they say liberal leadership has failed to change — or provide hope — for community members.

“Liberalism has failed the black communities,” said American Conservatives of Color founder Derrick Wilburn.

The 13 conservative partners of the “Restore the Dream 2014” campaign will use social media, as well as personal outreach, to share their vision of change in inner-city neighborhoods.

“This is not a black thing it’s not minority thing, it’s an American thing — our plan and our endeavor is to engage urban centers all across this county is a collaborative effort,” said TheTeaParty.net Executive Director Niger Innis.

The current national poverty level for African American community has increased since the Obama administration took office, rising from 12 percent in 2009 to 15 percent in 2014. The unemployment level for African-Americans is more than double the national average, at 11 percent, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics. The goal of the campaigners, including Martin Luther King’s niece, Dr. Alveda King, is to go into theses urban centers and present a different way.

“Big government socialist liberal policies that have had a monopolistic control over urban centers for decades,” said Innis. “But that’s not the only choice there is  another choices there is another vision another solution.” 

The “Restore the Dream 2014” campaign will begin in North Carolina and end in Ferguson, Missouri on Oct. 22.