Axelrod: ‘An Inconvenient Fact’ That Incumbent Dems Support Obama’s Agenda [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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A day after President Barack Obama told Rev. Al Sharpton that incumbent Democrats are “all folks who vote with me” and “supported my agenda in Congress,” former Obama adviser David Axelrod says this is an “inconvenient fact” for this group of embattled Democrats vying for multiple terms in the Senate.

“Well, look, it’s a fact. But it’s an inconvenient fact for some folks that are running in states where the president lost to Mitt Romney by 23 or 24 points. So many of these Senate contests in particular are being played out in state where’s the president didn’t carry the vote even two years ago, so that’s problematical,” the MSNBC contributor opined.

“The other thing is what he really was trying to say before and what he was trying to say right here that should be separated from him is that the approach to the economy, whether minimum wage or infrastructure, more education, the kinds of things that would build incomes and wages and better futures for the middle class, that’s what’s on the ballot. That’s what being contested,” Axelrod said.

Axelrod also argues that the Democrats up for reelection should embrace these policies and ideals as they try to defeat their Republican challengers. He made the comments to liberal MSNBC host Alex Wagner Tuesday afternoon.

Earlier this month, Axelrod made news for saying Obama made “a mistake” saying that all of his policies are on the ballot in a speech at Northwestern University.