ISIS Claims To Have Seized US Weapons Drop

Ben Smith Contributor
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The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant claims it has seized part of a large weapons stockpile dropped by United States-led forces meant for Kurdish troops fighting against the extremist group.

The weapons seized included grenades, grenade launchers and a large amount of ammunition, according to The Times of Israel. The airdrop happened over the border town of Kobani, Syria, only a little distance from Turkey.

ISIS has been trying for the last month to take the town, causing almost 200,000 to flee.

This is not the first embarrassing loss of weapons that has occurred since the rise of ISIS. The U.S. lost millions of dollars worth of weaponry when Iraqi forces retreated during the ISIS onslaught in June. Similar to what happened in June, ISIS took to social media to mock the U.S.-led coalition with sarcastic “thank-you’s” with one in all caps stating “TEAM USA” according to The Times.