Kickstarter Project Invents REAL HOVERBOARD, For Real This Time [VIDEO]

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After a “real hoverboard” unveiled by the Doc himself was revealed to be a prank earlier this year, “Back to the Future” fans everywhere had their hopes grounded for a real-life levitating skating experience. Now, a new Kickstarter is giving the world a shot at real hoverboards by the movie’s 2015 timeline, and all the hard work has already been done.

Hendo founders Jill and Greg Henderson have developed a real levitating magnet-based engine and conceptualized the technology in a real hoverboard, which die-hard fans with cash can pre-order now on Hendo’s Kickstarter page for $10,000.

Hendo’s proprietary Magnetic Field Architecture system focuses a magnetic field underneath the board powerful enough to support a rider on a 1-inch cloud of air. The magnet-based design does require a metal surface to work, meaning riders won’t be flying on roadways or above water just yet. Even still, what the board can do looks impressive.


Hendo needs to raise $250,000 by Dec. 15 to further the project, but has already racked up more than $60,000 with 54 days left to go at the time of this writing. The long-term goal is to have a production hoverboard ready by October 2015, but fans interested in getting their hands on the tech in the meantime can purchase a Hendo Whiteboax developer kit with a hover engine inside for $299. The next step up includes a remote control upgrade for $699, which allows users to control their floating devices via smartphone.

The team eventually hopes to build a full hoverboard skatepark, which donors can have their name engraved in for $59.

To donate and track the hoverboard’s progress, go to Hendo’s Kickstarter page here.

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