Palin: ‘Fake Feminists’ Keeping Women Dependent On Government [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin slammed liberal women and “fake feminists” who support policies that make women dependent on the government and attack conservative women during an appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity” Tuesday.

Palin made the comments when asked about former Newsweek editor Tina Brown’s remarks that President Barack Obama doesn’t make women feel safe. Palin called the remarks “ironic, because that little lady Tina Brown, she’s such a big part of the problem; she and her ilk being so uber-uppity, so cocksure of their untouchable elitism, they support liberal men who have kept women unfortunately embracing this lie that they should be dependent upon government.” (RELATED: Tina Brown: ‘I Don’t Think [Obama] Makes [Women] Feel Safe’)

“Tina Brown, chick, you’re a day late and a dollar short,” she continued. “They’ve been beating the crap out of strong, commonsense, smart, conservative women for years, she and her ilk.” (RELATED: Newsweek’s Tina Brown Doubles Down On Bachmann Cover Justification)

Host Sean Hannity noted the irony that the supposedly “compassionate” liberals often turned a blind eye to the abuse of women under Islamic law. “They make a big deal about Mitt Romney having women’s resumes in binders, but you hear very little from the left about radical Islam and ISIS and the treatment of women under Sharia.”

Palin agreed: “[T]hese maladroit fake feminist women, they have such a double standard, so hypocritical, that they would support anyone who would have sympathy for Muslims who do treat women so poorly, so inhumanely, and not do all that they can to stop the rise of radical Islam that would adversely affect America’s interests.” RELATED: Jonah Goldberg Slams Dems’ ‘Demeaning And Sexist’ Appeal To Women)

“…[T]hey support somebody like, say, Barack Obama, whose failed policies have kept them dependent on a failed government that has led to recently, you know, one in five families being on food stamps, 44 million Americans not finding a good job, more latchkey children than ever in this country because of a devalued dollar based on liberal economic policies leading to the cost-of-living rising and women being in the workforce whether they want to be or not. These women, their sympathies are aligned in the wrong party.”

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