Less Than An Hour Into Shooting Coverage, MSNBC Talking About Gun Control [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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During MSNBC’s live coverage of the shootings at the Canadian Parliament and National War Memorial, Canadian Press’ Lee-Anne Goodman became the first to bring up the issue of gun control:

MSNBC HOST: Regarding some of the complaints and concerns as of late that you were discussing was there a conversation or a debate about whether there should be metal detectors? What changes were being discussed, if any specifics?

GOODMAN: Not that I’m aware of at the moment. You can bet there’s certainly going to be now. The fact that Canada has pretty tight gun control laws, I think that that’s going to become a debate. How are the guys getting apparently double barrel rifles, and the one shooter, where’s he getting the gun? There’s an ongoing debate about the Harper government’s attempt to loosen gun control laws. It will become part of the conversation I would imagine in the days following this in additional to the security on Parliament Hill.

[h/t Free Beacon]

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