Little Girls Drop F-Bombs For ‘Feminism’ [VIDEO]

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Activist group FCKH8 wants you to know of f*cked up the country is. They also want to shock you. And for you to buy their swag.

To both those ends, the “anti-hate” group, that seems to double as a T-shirt sales company, produced a video featuring young girls dressed as princesses swearing A LOT and yelling “facts” about how misogynistic the United States is.

All of modern feminism’s greatest hits are here: unequal pay, one in five women will be “sexually assaulted or raped by a man,” telling a woman she’s pretty is oppression.

Some of the line coming from these pre-teen girls include, “Here’s a hot tip, stop telling girls how to dress and start telling boys not to f*cking rape!” and “What is more offensive? A little girl saying f*ck, or the f*cking unequal and sexist way society treats girls and women?”

In spite of the language and the insistence, the facts aren’t on FCKH8’s side. The unequal pay myth has been thoroughly debunked, repeatedly. As has the “one in five college women will be sexually assaulted” hype.

FCKH8 will raise a lot of eyebrows, and a lot of money from T-shirt sales, but it won’t raise the level of debate or knowledge for anyone. All in all, this “shock video” is just an elaborate marketing campaign to make money.